Layoffs are never easy as there are real people and families who are left behind the numbers. Whether you are downsizing or have simply decided to let someone go, Gent can help you with an Out-placement / Career Transition Workshop. We will prepare your previous employees with the skills to find new positions and therefore, help you.

Having a career transition program in place can minimize the impact and provide numerous benefits to both parties.

Benefits to the company

  • Lower unemployment insurance due to reduced time previous employee remains unemployed
  • Positive action by the company minimizes further deterioration of morale and productivity
  • Maintenance of firm's public image
  • Reduces exposure for legal action

Benefits to the individual

  • Minimizes the time required to obtain a new position
  • Restoration of self-confidence and morale
  • Changes their focus to present and future career goals

Employed for Life Workshop

Gent offers a cost effective outplacement program titled "Employed for Life". It can be delivered onsite or via webinar. The workshop focuses on developing the tools and skills needed for modern day job hunting, career planning and how to stay ahead of the curve to ensure continued employment. This workshop is designed to provide your former employees with the skills to find a new job as quickly as possible and provide them with life-long tools to stay employed for life.

Career Transition in a Technological and Competitive World
Career Transition Workshop (1/2 day workshop, webinar options)

"Employed for Life" is a workshop that teaches employees how to find a job, manage employment transitions, and develop career planning skills. This workshop is based on research from the book Employed for Life, 21st Century career trends (2014).

Workshop topics:

  1. Employment Trends and Realities - Layoffs, transitions, job changes, motivation.
  2. Who will hire me? - Industries, functional areas, organizations, research tools.
  3. Where is my next job? - Planning, job sources, timeline, technology tools.
  4. Your brand - Resumes, cover letters, personal branding, social media, networking
  5. Job hunting skills - Hiring managers, recruiters, interviews, salary negotiation
  6. Your Future - job cycles, lateral moves, encore careers, framework for planning
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